Digitalang Training Session - ABP Bolzano

One of North Italy’s top-quality language schools, Alpha Beta Piccadilly,  has asked us to do a series of ICT teacher training seminars over the next 2 years. The idea of the seminars is to help them continue to improve their high pedagogical standards by giving their teachers an in-depth knowledge of a variety of ICT tools.

One of our first seminars for A.B.P. was on the more advanced uses of Microsoft Word. Most teachers will have used Word at some point in their teaching careers, but many wouldn’t know how to use macros to make student worksheets quickly and easily, or don’t know how to use templates to help make student-handouts look smart and presentable. Together we looked at these and other handy features that help make teachers’ jobs more easy.

Teachers “Can Do” it!

We use four lists of “Can Do” statements ranging from Elementary to Advanced for this seminar. These lists help teachers to realise what they already know how to do with Word and help them to build on this knowledge until they are “expert” users.

Are you an expert Word user?

If you would like a copy of these lists to check out your how good your knowledge of Word is, click the link below. Can you tick all the boxes? 🙂