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Many of the lessons I choose to do with my students involve internet search skills. Webquests, research for web-based projects, searching for definitions, there are all sorts of reasons why we ask our students to search the internet. However, we often take it for granted that our students know how to use Google and other search engines effectively. However (as I know to my frustration in Italian) it is actually very difficult to do web searches in another language. For this reason I decided to give my students a helping hand the other day and showed them a few of the useful “search operators” Google has.

After getting the students to brainstorm a few of the words they’d expect to find on Key websites we looked through the worksheet below.  This basically talks them through the reasons you need to put quotes around certain search terms, how to search for Word documents, PDFs and other file types and other useful hints and tips.
Feel free to use it with your students, I hope it comes in handy!

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Internet Search Skills Worksheet.doc