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Michele Facci

Michele Facci – Common Sense When Using Internet with Teenagers

Michele Facci, the Business Development Manager for Erickson Edizioni is a smart guy. One of the co-organisers of Erickson’s recent Schools in the Internet Age conference, the temptation must have been to gather together a whole load of internet enthusiasts, much like many of the other educational technology conferences that take place throughout the year. Certainly, I and my colleague Dennis Pozzer were expecting this, and when on the first day it isn’t quite what we got, we were a bit miffed. But Michele explained that Erickson had wanted to offer a balanced conference looking at all aspects regarding technology in schools, and in the round, that’s just what they delivered.


A Brazlian In Trento? That would be great!

I had a funny experience just now, the great Webhead, blogger and general all round innovator Carla Arena contacted me to say that she’s used an old recording of me talking about Trento, Italy (where I live) in an online listening course of hers. Apparently one of her students is a big snowboarding fan and wanted to know a bit more about Trento.

Well, apart from being really flattered that Carla would choose to include me in one of her courses, I thought that it would be fun to reply to Lucien (Carla’s student) and her message.

Here’s what Lucien wrote:

Luciene A. M. Leao

I listened about Trento-Italy. I choose this listening because of the photo I saw “snow”, I just love it. Would you like to listen about it too? Access the link Bella italia-Trento in “delicious” link. Ok,I told you Carla that I lived in the USA, in a city called Lowell located in Northeast of the USA near Boston. And the winter time there is “freezing” with a lot of snow, like Trento I think. The guy of the listening said he loves snow and snowboarding with friends. And it made me reminder the time I was in the USA, I used to skiing and snowboarding in the winter with friends and my cousins too,it was terrific! But I’d like to know more about Trento. For example, someone knows if the summer time in Trento is as hot as the winter is cold or something about the culture, how big is the city?
Let me know ok! Bye Carla!

Well, I think that such interest in my little city deserves an answer, don’t you? Click on the link below to listen to my reply to Lucien.

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