BETT (The British Educational Training and Technology show) is one of Europe’s biggest EdTech shows.¬† It’s been going for close to 30 years, attracts almost 30,000 visitors each year with a round about 700 different companies exhibiting there. In the madness that was BETT 2012. It was very easy to feel overwhelmed. As an antidote to my mystification, I set myself a task – find the top 5 most interesting, relevant, or influential stands at the show and interview someone important there for my dear blog readers. So, over the next 5 days, I’m going to post one video interview per day with a key BETT player, starting today with Chris Klein, the Educational Consultant and Macintosh Specialist for SMART Technologies, one of the leading IWB (Interactive White Board) manufacturers.


The BETT LogoSMART had a huge, and I mean huge presence at BETT. At a guess I’d say they had 50-60 odd people working at their stall at any one time. You know what, they were all busy, all of the time, too! SMART were showcasing their soon to be released Notebook software version 11, which had some amazing features. My favourite feature I think was the web mash-ups, which allowed you to bring streaming video, Google maps, online flas animation and seemingly any other internet based content directly into your IWB pages. It really was very impressive and a big leap up from the Notebook 10 software. Kudos to them!

Well, Chris very kindly agreed to do a short interview on film. I thought I’d make it a bit of a level playing field and asked him and all the other stall holders the same questions:

  • Why do you / your company come to BETT?
  • What have you been talking about most¬† to the teachers and other people here?
  • How are you making teachers’ lives easier?

So to kick off our short series of video interviews, which took place in a very noisy conference hall, so there’s a fair bit of background noise, it’s over to you, Chris:


Thanks once again Chris for talking to everyone who couldn’t make it! And in tomorrow’s post we’ll have Simon Lee, from the incredible LiveScribe company, manufacturers of SmartPens (one of my favourite gadgets it has to be said!)

Update: This post has been entered as part of the “Ed Tech Carnival” being run by Danny Nicholson over on The Whiteboard Blog. The carnival should be published in early February 2012, so take a look over there for more useful Ed Tech articles.