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Erickson RImini Conference HAll

Erickson Congress Rimini 2013

Erickson RImini Conference HAll

Last Friday I was really delighted to speak at the “Qualità dell’integrazione scolastica e sociale” conference in Rimini. The bi-annual conference is a huge event in the Italian education calendar. Something like 4000+ teachers attend each time the conference is held, so you can imagine I was more than a little bit nervous to be invited to speak there. Thankfully I had a significantly smaller room than the huge hall you see here.

My workshop was called “iDidattica” or iTeaching, where I was basically trying to get across the point that simply “digitising” lessons won’t change their quality or pedagogical effectiveness at all. Instead, I tried to argue that we need to adopt a more student-centred approach to our teaching methodology and then apply whatever digital tools suits our needs. One methodology that might achieve this I argued is Project Based Learning. I suggested four key tool categories to allow students to create interesting “final products” for their projects: a note-taking app, an audio recording app, a video editing app and an webpage annotation app.

I tried to make the workshop a bit more interactive, by using a few tools like to provide a “backchannel” where the 150 – 200-odd teachers in the room could discuss what I was talking about, disagree, add new ideas and so on. Reading back though it today, it seems like they were enjoying themselves -yaay!

Anyhow, I promised all the teachers present that I would upload the slides form my presentation so that they could go through the links and re-read what I’d been talking about.
In the next few days I’ll also add a second post with a few of the fun things we did like recording podcasts during the workshop, using a chatroom for a backchannel, sharing links with Diigo and a few others.

Anyhow,without further delay, here are the siides:

You Suck At PowerPoint!

Or you might suck at PowerPoint if you don’t try to cut out the common mistakes many presenters make. I know that I used to suck – badly, too!
Over on his Slideshare page Jesse Dee has prepared a presentation for The World’s Best Presentation competition that he’s called, you guessed it, You Suck At PowerPoint.

As Jesse points out, there are countless other books and Slideshares out there that discuss how to improve you PowerPoint slides, I’ve posted several presentations with hints and tips here in the past myself. Jesse’s managed to condense all these ideas down into 5 easy to remember rules here though. Take a look – it might just save your talk!

View more presentations from @JESSEDEE.

I think I am probably still guilty of breaking the editing rule. My talks often contain too many slides. I’m going to have to work on that next. I Which of Jesse’s 5 rules do you break? Let us know in the comments section!



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