I have been tagged by Nergiz Kern and GavinDudeney for the ‘Seven Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me’ Edubloggers thing. I’d noticed a few Tweets flying around Twitter about it, and now I’m kinda pleased to have been tagged and have been thinking what on earth I could share about me. So, here goes.

The rules say you have to:

  • Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog
  • Share 7 facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged

So my facts are:

1) I spent 6 months working on an animal rescue project in India in 2000. I completely fell in love with India during this time and am still a total Indiaphile now. I basically had a host of jobs from dog catcher to vet nurse, all of which were great fun, but hard work (I’ve got the scars to prove it.) We basically caught dogs and cats, but also worked with cows, monkeys snakes and more!  I first got into language teaching here when I tried to help a Nepali guy I was working with learn English.

2) I used to play Bass guitar in a terrible heavy metal band when I was a teenager. I really enjoyed it and believe it or not, we actually played a big festival (The Ashton Court Festival in Bristol) a couple of times.Judge for yourself how bad we were: khashmiri_bus_ride remastered!

3) My daughter, who is about 8 weeks old now, has her own blog. In her latest bizarre posting she explains why she has founded a group of revolutionary babies. I think I should be worried. Hmm… Perhaps I’m projecting my interests onto her. Poor thing, she’s doomed!

4) I’m mad keen on snowboarding. It’s one of the reasons I came to Italy in the first place.  Here’s a picture me about to fall off.

5) I had a mad crush on my French teacher at school. Surprisingly enough I did brilliantly in French and pretty awfully in German. I’m guessing that this is where I got my ideas that you learn better when you’re having fun from.  Mrs Lazarus if I remember right. We always tried to get her to say “Squirrel on The Wirral” as she couldn’t pronounce it at all. Ahh. Just to think of her now 🙂

6) I am a fully trained motorbike mechanic. As well as being a fan of terrible music when I was younger, I was also mad keen on motorbikes. I’ve lost count of how many engines I’ve stripped down on the kitchen table. I’ve still got one or two parts of them in my Tool kit nowadays. Must throw them out! I’m still debating with my wife whether I’ll be allowed to use my bike next summer. Being a dad makes you more wary of risks.

7) I love cooking and am a pretty good chef  I’d say. Indian food is my speciality, but I also love cooking Italian too. My latest creation was a Goan Xacuti dish and I’d definitely recommend it. It was delicious! Any time you’re in Trento, give me a shout and you’re welcome to come round for dinner.

Okay, So I’m going to tag the following seven of my favourite bloggers:

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Look forward to reading about you folks!