Or you might suck at PowerPoint if you don’t try to cut out the common mistakes many presenters make. I know that I used to suck – badly, too!
Over on his Slideshare page Jesse Dee has prepared a presentation for The World’s Best Presentation competition that he’s called, you guessed it, You Suck At PowerPoint.

As Jesse points out, there are countless other books and Slideshares out there that discuss how to improve you PowerPoint slides, I’ve posted several presentations with hints and tips here in the past myself. Jesse’s managed to condense all these ideas down into 5 easy to remember rules here though. Take a look – it might just save your talk!

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I think I am probably still guilty of breaking the editing rule. My talks often contain too many slides. I’m going to have to work on that next. I Which of Jesse’s 5 rules do you break? Let us know in the comments section!