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Death By PowerPoint (and how to avoid it!)

I’m sure at some point in your career you have been bored to tears by a PowerPoint presentation. Let’s face it, who hasn’t! The same, I’m sure, is true for our students.

This is the presentation I gave at the IATEFL BESIG Rome mini-summer-conference in June 2010 to help teachers improve their PowerPoint presentations.


I was really pleased with the feedback I got from the presentation. It seemed to strike a chord with many of the teachers, school owners, writers and others who were present. (The poor folk had probably suffered too many terrible presentations in their careers!)

I hope these slides can help both people wishing to improve their own powerPoint presentations, teachers looking for a few ideas of ways to use PowerPoint with their classes and teachers who would like to do a lesson for their students about the basics of good slide design.

As always with “good” presentation slides, they only really work properly if they have a presenter there to explain what on earth they are talking about! I hope anyhow that you will find this useful. The presentation is split into two basic parts, an introduction which includes a lesson plan, and the second section (around slide number 50) which actually discusses the “Dos and Don’ts” when creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Have you got any extra hints and tips to share about how to create high-quality PowerPoint slides? Have you ever seen a truly awful presentation that you want to purge from your memory? Please leave us a comment to tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you!

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Walking on Clouds

Well, I got back early yesterday evening from the IATEFL BESIG Rome summer mini-conference and I still feel like I’m walking on clouds (hence the title!)

I gave a seminar, “Death by PowerPoint – and How to Avoid It,” which seemed to go really well. I got some great feedback from the folk that came to the presentation, which really left me feeling happy. I was especially happy seeing as the audience were such experienced and knowledgeable professionals.



Walking On Clouds

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The conference was really well organised, the IATEFL BESIG members and the staff from The Byron School, Rome pulled out all the stops to make sure things went smoothly. There was a lovely welcoming atmosphere and the seminars and presentations all seemed to go smoothly. If I had one minor criticism, it would be that the balance of commercial presentations “selling” a product to non-commercial seminars “training” the conference attendees was perhaps a little too heavily in favour of the commercial conference sponsors. It was however the first time this event has been held, so let’s see if we can balance it out next time. Overall, the conference was a really positive experience and I’ll give a seminar again if I’m invited back!

So what next? In the next 2 days I want to get my presentation up and on-line here on my blog as I promised all the lovely folk who came to watch it. I’ll try to get both the slides up here, as well as the video that Valentina Dodge kindly shot for me. I must admit I cringed to watch myself in it last night, but ah-well, so be it!

If you were at the seminar, I’d love to connect with you in the future. If use Twitter, (or even if you don’t, yet!) you can catch up with the various educational technology links, hints and tips I share here: You can also follow this blog (as I mentioned in the seminar) via RSS by clicking here and  signing up to my RSS feed. Finally, if you’re a bit more traditional, have a look up there in the top right hand corner and you can sign up to receive news of new blog posts via your email box.

What were your impressions of the conference. What went well for you and what would you like to see done differently next time. Let’s strike up a chat in the comments section here.



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