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Death By PowerPoint? No Thanks! – Digital Storytelling Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint has the ability to utterly, utterly destroy your soul with boredom – and yet it can totally engage your students’ attention and draw them into a digital story plot if used well. And how should you use it well? These slides will show you! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have posted these before, but this is a slightly updated version that I made for the teachers and trainers at Bolzano Free University’s language department (a tri-lingual University in the north of Italy!)

I had wanted to upload this to VoiceThread so that you, my dear readers, could ask and answer questions and see how effective Voicethread is – unfortunately, Voicethread allows a maximum of 50 slides per presentation and … well… this has several more slides than this. Anyhow, the first slides are the digital story part. If you’d like to skip straight to theย  PowerPoint hints and tips, go to slide number 48.

Hope this is helpful – if you have any questions, leave them in a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Justin Timberlake is a Language Teacher!!!

Actually he’s not, but Mike Mara, a Spanish teacher from Dublin Jerome High school is, and he’s AWESOME!

I thought I’d seen cool ways to teach a language but this guy is just way out there. If you can make your students laugh (like surely Mike’s did) when they are learning a language, well you’re doing something right.

Mike has made a couple of videos, based on Justin Timberlake pop songs, to remind his high school Spanish students how to conjugate present tense verbs. The thing is they are so funny! Every time I watch them I can’t help giggling like an idiot! My favourite one is the “Conjugation’s Back,” which you can watch below.

Thanks to Joe Dale’s Blog for putting me onto this one ๐Ÿ˜€

Click* ICT Teacher Training

One of the reasons I posted so little (be honest Seth, you posted nothing) between January and April this year, is all the hard work that has been going on behind the scenes of the “Click*” project I’m involved in. Click* is the (newly chosen) name for a comprehensive teacher-training course, funded by the European Community’s Leonardo programme.

Together with a group of truly fabulous colleagues from various institutions around Europe including WSL Czestochowa, The Open University U.K. and EAQUALS all led by Dresden Technical University we have been beavering away to produce what I’m pretty sure is going to be a really high-quality course.

We have blended our different experiences and expertises together to produce a wide ranging set of course modules from the academic theory of how to teach languages online, through simple to follow, expertly written guides of how and why to use WebQuests, all the way to basic guides on blogging, podcasting wikis etc.

I’m really confident that the materials are of such high quality that the project will be a great success. If the demand for the courses is anything to go by (we were more than three times over-subscribed for our first round of piloting) I’m sure the project will go brilliantly!

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