Well, I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but some slithey tove had managed to get into my blog for a while and lock me out of it.

Photo from Sarchi

Photo from Sarchi

Thanks to the helpful folk over at http://wordpress.org I’ve managed to regain control of it, Yaay!

Big thanks got in particular to Curtismchale and ClaytonJames who helped me to sort the problem out. Basically all that was needed was to upgrade my WordPress installation to version 2.7 (which in the process of doing so overwrote everything the baddies had


The result is that I’m back and able to tidy up all the mess the vandals had done (1,200 Spam comments to start with!) Here’s hoping the hijacker has a moment sometime soon to reflect on his / her stupidity!

So, to finish, I’ll wish everyone a big “Happy Christmas.” I’ll also invite all of you over to my daughter’s blog at http://reetourbabber.blogspot.com to meet my little 5-week-old bundle of joy.

Best wishes to everyone.