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For the past few years Google has been running a Google Teacher Academy, where it invites a group of 50 educators to its offices for an intense day of training, input and new resources. I originally heard about this year’s Academy at the BETT 2012 show. Dana Nguyen’s talk about becoming a Google certified teacher was pretty inspirational, so as a teacher (and perhaps more importantly teacher-trainer) I decided that this year I’m going to apply to attend. I guess I hope that knowing more about Google and its tools like Google Apps for Education will allow me to provide more meaningful seminars which will be cheaper for schools to implement and which will be simpler for my trainees to adapt to their teaching.

In its application page to join the Academy, Google says that it’s looking for teachers who are:Google Certified Teachers are:

  • Exceptional educators with a passion for using innovative tools to improve teaching and learning.
  • Creative leaders who understand their local needs and can spread innovation as a recognized expert.
  • Ambassadors for change who model high expectations, life-long learning, collaboration, equity & inclusion, and innovation.

all of which I strive to be at all times, hopefully as successfully as possible.

As part of the application process, all potential participants, must upload a short 1 min video to YouTube, or Google video, explaining why they wish to be a Google teacher. Seeing as I’ve done a bit of work using video with my learners in the past, I thought that this would be a fun challenge, so I set about recording a video yesterday. What you see below is the result. I must admit I’m pretty pleased with how it come out, although there are certainly things I might still change, I think after a while you have to stop being a perfectionist and just say: “yes this has reached a decent enough standard.”


Thanks again to my friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter who suggested a couple of tweaks to the original video to make it snappy, and a little more logical. So what do you think, would you invite me to the Google Academy?

if you fancy joining this year’s Academy, it’s in London on the fourth and fifth of April 2012. You can find all the details and apply online here at the Google Teacher Academy page. But hurry though, there’s only six more days in which you can apply!