E-Learning Documentation – Part 1 – The Project Charter

One of the most vital parts of any e-learning project actually starts way before any learner loads up the first screen of their new course; it starts before the e-learning developer picks up their mouse and creates the first page; on a large project, it starts even earlier than the Instructional Designer planning the very first draft of a syllabus, it is the E-Learning documentation.



PrimaSolar_logo Zion logoThe early stages of an e-learning project are all about discovering what it is that a client actually needs. A thorough discovery process and learning-needs analysis is one of the best ways to ensure that a client will be delighted with the learning you design and build for them. The place to present everything you discover in this initial Analysis phase is in a project charter.

Together with my colleague from Zion Learning, Frances Hernandez, I produced a full project charter for a massive US solar energy company, Prima Solar. Our charter lays out in meticulous detail every essential item to ensure that all project stakeholders are fully aware of the objectives, scope and timeframes of the project. No matter that the companies are invented and the whole project is actually an assignment that Frances and I developed as part of a University of California Irvine Instructional Design course, Frances and I went all out to make sure that every detail in our project charter was accurate, realistic and convincing. If Prima Solar had read our charter, I’m 100% sure they’d have hired us for the job!



Click to View Zion E-Learning – Prima Solar Project Charter

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