Digital technologies have made a whole new style of learning possible. Thanks to web technologies, your students can now talk to people worldwide, often even with the phone they have in their pocket. The potential this brings for engaging, genuine communication for language learners is virtually limitless.


The skills you will learn on our courses will help you create lessons, projects and whole courses using apps, websites and other technologies that your students will find both stimulating and fun. We carefully select the materials on our courses to ensure that, wherever possible, the technology you study, will not only be enjoyable for your students to use, but will also be relevant and useful to their professional and academic careers.


Digitalang have been training teachers to use technology creatively in their lessons since 2007. Our key clients include some of the leading language learning companies such as English360, Reader’s Digest as well as prestigious organisations like EAQUALS and the Technical University of Dresden. However, leading, prestigious, or not; our main focus has always been on you, the teacher. We pride ourselves on our style of training that will teach you practical skills that can be quickly and easily applied to your everyday teaching. Our friendly training style, step-by-step courses and passion for the work that we are doing gives you a guarantee that you will learn lots as well as feel confident about applying your knowledge afterwards.

Course Styles

We run different types of courses all year round, so that you can find the course that matches your needs, your interests, at the right time for you.

Online Courses

These courses, delivered via an up-to-date online learning platform, allow you to study at any time of the day (or night!) They are not simply a “self-access” course however. You will be followed all through the course by our highly-experienced trainer, who will be on hand to answer your questions, explain the concepts involved in the lesson modules and generally support your learning several times a day.

Face-to-Face Seminars

These seminars, delivered at your school, college, or workplace can be anything from a half day, to an intensive week of training. Designed to meet your needs as closely as possible, these seminars can be tailored by picking and choosing the apps and technologies you want to learn about from our list of published training.

Blended Courses

Launched in 2012 to celebrate our five year anniversary and partnership with Pete Sharma Associates, these courses use a teaching style which is rapidly gaining in popularity, known as “blended-learning.” Essentially these courses start off with an intensive face-to-face seminar, where you will get heaps of input about the apps, technologies and tools you will learn on the course. They’re then followed by an online element of the course, where you will  learn how to put what you have learned into practice, learn advanced tips and tricks as well as learning about further technologies to help your teaching.

Get Learning With Digitalang

Sign Up Now to reserve your place on of the courses we are starting in the near future. Remember: when you are studying online the course fits around your needs and timetables, not the other way around! If you are not yet ready to sign up for a course, please contact us here and we’ll get in touch immediately to give you more information and help you choose the course that best suits your needs.


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