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I am a consultant and an acclaimed speaker, dedicated to rescuing learners from dull e-learning. I have two areas of professional expertise: developing compelling online courses and helping educators harness technology to enrich their classes.

“Seth is an amazing person: many trainers are well-prepared on the subjects of their expertise, but few of them have the ability to involve the learners as he does.”
Michele Facci – Key Account Manager & CEO of Marketing & Design – Erickson Publishers, Trento, Italy.

Professional Background

I have been using learning technology since 2001, when, as a newly qualified language teacher in Sydney, Australia, I started using virtual worlds to help my students practice their English. In a “Eureka!” moment, I recognised that while using an avatar, some of my most shy learners were very comfortable practising conversations with native English speakers. This led me to develop a variety of online lessons for teaching English.

After Sydney, I started training businesspeople and other professionals at one of Italy’s top-quality language schools. I gained a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of adult education. I also had a perfect opportunity to develop my passions for e-learning. In 2005, I became the school’s e-learning manager, with full responsibility for setting up a Moodle Virtual Learning Environment and training the teaching staff how to use it.

Digitalang Consulting

In 2007 I launched my own e-learning consultancy, Digitalang, so I could share my e-learning skills with a wider audience. Since then I have given hundreds of workshops and seminars throughout Italy and around Europe on the creative uses of technology. My training focusses on improving learners’ engagement and, more importantly, their ability to apply their knowledge in their workplace. Between 2007 and today, I have worked on all sorts of exciting projects for well known educational institutions and publishers worldwide.

Present Position

In November 2013, while I was formalising my e-learning and instructional design skills on a University of California, Irvine course, I was hand-picked by my professor, Ray Jimenez Ph.D., to join his e-learning team at Vignettes Learning. I am now the Director of Project Development for Vignettes, where we specialise in scenario-based and game-based e-learning. I am lucky to have exciting and varied project management responsibilities which allow me to be involved in the whole development cycle of an e-learning project. This means overseeing everything from the initial storyboarding of the course modules, through production to the final delivery to the client.

Key Past Clients


National & International Conference Presentations

La Qualità dell’Integrazione Scolastica e Sociale- Edizioni Erickson, Rimini, Italy 2013.


Apps, Ideas and tools for using tablets, IWBs and smartphones for class-based projects.

La Scuola Nell’Era Digitale – Edizioni Erickson, Trento, Italy 2013.


Strategies, apps and tools for using tablets, IWBs and smartphones in the classroom.

ELTAF Conference – Frankfurt, Germany 2012

“Death by PowerPoint (and How to Avoid It.)”

10 key reminders to students and teachers for more effective presentations.

IATEFL Turkey – Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey 2012

“Inter@ctive White Board / Elephant?”

10 practical lessons I learned from training 200+ language teachers to use IWBs

AISLi DOS Day- Bologna, Italy 2011

“English360 & Blended Learning.”

Presentation of the English360 VLE to the Directors of Study of Italy’s highest quality language schools.

Cambridge Days- Bratislava, Slovakia & Prague, Czech Republic 2010

“Blended Learning & the English360 VLE.”

Practical ways to enrich teaching by using a “blended learning” methodology.

IATEFL BESIG – Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy. 2009

“Avoiding Death By PowerPoint.”

10 practical tips for teachers to improve their PowerPoint lesson slides and presentations.

Didamatica 2009 Trento University – 2009

“Planning and Practical Experiences of USing an IWB and Web 2.0″

Presentation of our unique CLIL, Interactive Whiteboard and Web2.0 highschool project.

IATEFL / British Council Milan 2009

“Using Web 2.0 Tools to Improve Engagement and Outcomes.”

Hands-on teacher training workshop on the theme of IWBs Web 2.0 technology and CLIL.


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