I was lucky enough to see Vicky Saumell talk at IATEFL this year. I met her after her seminar to ask whether she would be prepared to do an interview and lo and behold it was another one of those wacky feelings you get at conferences nowadays: I realised I already “knew” Vicky, as we are connected via our PLN.

Vicky gave a brilliant talk about digital storytelling in the classroom, the slides for which you can see after the video interview. Her talk was given as part of IATEFL’s LTSIG group, or for those of us who can’t deal with all the acronyms: the Learning Technologies Special Interest Group of the International Association for Teaching English as a Foreign Language – phew! In a day or so I’ll be posting an interview with Graham Stanley too, who talks more about the LTSIG and some of their work, so if you’d like to know more about the group, keep an eye open for that interview.

Here are Vicky’s smart and well-reasoned comments:



I must say, I particularly agree with Vicky when she says that the lesson must come first and the technology second. Technology can inspire your students to add that extra little bit of effort in a lesson, but if it’s at the cost of good pedagogy, what’s the point? It’s kinda obvious I guess, but it’s a sentiment that sometimes seems to have been forgotten in a lot of technology blogs, training sessions and sometimes even published books, too. It’s comforting that so far three of the interviews in this series from IATEFL have all mentioned the same thoughts.

Anyhow, here are Vicky’s slides, which give the bare bones of four or five ideas for digital storytelling with students. Take a look through her blog, where she has a whole heap of other presentations and ideas for in-class and out of class use of technology.