An innovative, passionate educator; an active member of the Webheads and the wider ELT community; happy to share his thoughts, experience and knowledge about our work; a lovely, positive and happy guy – what’s there not to like about Ronaldo Lima Jr?

I met up with Ronaldo at the IATEFL conference and he kindly agreed to join our series of interviews of educators interested in how technology is used for teaching languages. Ronaldo talks about what his experiences of IATEFL 2012 have been and some of the challenges he thinks still face schools who want to include technology in their language teaching curricula.

One of the things Ronaldo mentions which I think is really pertinent is,  that it’s not about the hardware. You can buy all the fanciest IWBs, newest and flashiest iPads and PCs you want, but if your teachers haven’t been trained how to use the technology available in pedagogically sound ways, then it can quite easily just be a waste of time (and of course money!). Unfortunately, all too often this is the case, too; a huge investment is made into “improving” a school by throwing technology at it, but nobody its ever shown how to get the best out of it, and no-one is helping teachers look at how to make sure that the technology they’re using benefits the lesson, rather than just being used for show, or to “impress” the students and  or their parents.

You can read more of Ronaldo’s thoughts on his blog here: In the meantime, I just want to say: Ronaldo, it was a pleasure meeting with you, keep up all the great work you guys are doing and thanks for talking to us!