We are delighted to announce that Digitalang have teamed-up with The Pete Sharma Associates, and we’ll now be “officially” offering courses on behalf of PSA in Italy. We are really excited about this, not only because such a top-quality teacher-training company has recognised the standard of the courses we offer, but also because Digitalang training material, along with the already established training material available from PSA, will now also be offered worldwide by the network of PSA trainers.

For those of you who know him, you’ll be aware that, apart from being a lovely guy, Pete Sharma is a real guru when it comes to pedagogically-sound ways of using technology in the classroom. He has co-written some exceptionally well-received books such as Blended Learning , 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards along with many other really well-known Business English books. What is sometimes not quite as well-known, is that working with Pete, is a highly-experienced and skilled group of professionals, The Pete Sharma Associates. PSA run courses and offer consulting for language schools internationally, along similar lines to Digitalang does here in Europe. They offer in-house training, online training, and of course blended training courses to language teachers from as far afield as India and Bangladesh; to Spain, Germany and Chile.


in their own words:PSA Logo

The thinking behind Pete Sharma Associates is simple. We believe that language teaching is most effective when it offers a blend of ‘face-to-face’ along with technology-enhanced support. We also believe that language teachers need hands-on training in using the current range of hardware and software. What we offer, therefore, are ‘blended’ courses for teachers, teacher trainers, Directors of studies and academic managers who wish to gain confidence and competence in using new technology to support their teaching.


We are really pleased that PSA has chosen Digitalang to be the first teacher-training company in Italy with whom they are collaborating in this way. we are looking forward to presenting a whole series of fabulous courses and promoting several Pete Sharma Associates events and there are even some in the pipeline already!  Watch this space for details!