Michele Facci, the Business Development Manager for Erickson Edizioni is a smart guy. One of the co-organisers of Erickson’s recent Schools in the Internet Age conference, the temptation must have been to gather together a whole load of internet enthusiasts, much like many of the other educational technology conferences that take place throughout the year. Certainly, I and my colleague Dennis Pozzer were expecting this, and when on the first day it isn’t quite what we got, we were a bit miffed. But Michele explained that Erickson had wanted to offer a balanced conference looking at all aspects regarding technology in schools, and in the round, that’s just what they delivered.

Michele’s presentation itself summed up the conference nicely; certainly positive and encouraging to the teachers present about starting to use technology in class, he also cautioned of the risks involved. It’s worth pointing out that in Italy there’s all sorts of privacy laws which might hold teachers liable if they were to suggest their students use Facebook in class and mobile phones in school buildings are illegal. I’m not sure how Italy will cope with the upcoming M-Learning revolution, mind you!

So, even though I wanted a more pro-technology slant to the conference, I think Michele and Erickson struck a smart balance and I for one am looking forward to the 2nd edition when they hold it next year! Thanks Michele for the interview and nice one on giving it in English too, good for you!