Lucio Bragagnolo was one of the key speakers at the recent Erickson “Schools in the Digital Era” conference. Introduced by the Eriksson host as a “guru” in the Italian technology world. I have to say after seeing his talk I wholeheartedly agree!

Lucio was one of the penultimate speakers at the conference, which had dealt with several extremely interesting, but fairly heavy themes to do with students and the “dangers” of the Internet. It was in this highly-charged atmosphere, where  many of the teachers present were starting to wonder about the risks of using technology with their students, that Lucio gave his talk. And wow, what a talk!


Lucio touched on many different topics,  from using MMORPG games in education, to open-source software, but there was one basic unifying theme; just give it a try. Basically his take was, that teachers have got to just jump in feet first and learn about technology and how, when used well, it can dramatically improve learning outcomes. Although without the context of Lucio talking they don’t mean much, you can see Lucio’s slides here:


I was really pleased that Lucio agreed to give an interview to us, even more so that he was happy to do it in English. Interestingly enough for people like Kyle Mawer and Graham Stanley, Lucio gave a brilliant anecdote to launch his talk about how, as a teenager, he played text-based computer games, which were only available in English, and so through a process of trial and error he learnt to speak English well.

So, if you are ever at a conference where Lucio is speaking, cannot recommend highly enough that you tried to get two see him. I for one, can’t wait for the next event!

This post is the first in a series of three interviews I did at the Ericsson conference. Next up is Francesco Zambotti, who had some brilliantly simple, but effective ideas on how to use interactive whiteboards. Then finally I had the chance to talk to one of Eriksson’s key teacher trainers; Michele Facci, who was also the co-host of the conference.