This eight-week “blended learning” course, our first to be delivered in collaboration with Pete Sharma Associates will help language teachers learn practical ways to use IWBs, apps and other technologies with their students.
Adapted from Creative Commons Image:
Adapted from Creative Commons Image:

Which Technologies Should I Learn First?

We have chosen a selection of the most-effective, apps, websites and programs and designed our course to show teachers several practical, lesson-focused ideas and activities for each. This means you don’t have to do the hard work of trying to decide which technology is worth learning, and which isn’t.

Quality Assured.

We are offering this course as part of our brand-new collaboration with Pete Sharma Associates, so you can be confident that all the materials have been prepared to the highest pedagogical standards. More importantly still, you can be sure that all the activities you will learn are directly relevant to your learners, or to you as a teacher.

What’s in the Course?

The eight-week course starts with a “self access” section which will allow you to get used to the online learning environment. It is then followed by a full afternoon of face-to-face training in Trento, Italy*. We then get down to some (good fun) serious hard work, with six weeks of tutor-led online instruction in which we will put into practice everything from our face-to-face session, going into more depth about each topic, as well as learning new skills not covered in the face-to-face seminar. Teachers will be closely followed by our expert tutor throughout this period and get feedback on the work they are producing, help in implementing it for real with their students and lots of opportunities to swap ideas with other language-teaching colleagues.

Other locations for the face-to-face seminars are available on request, Europe-wide with a minimum number of five teachers. Contact us for details.

How Much does It Cost?

We are proud to offer the highest-quality teacher-training in every single one of our face-to-face and online training sessions. At the same time, we’re aware that language teachers (and teachers in general) are not paid nearly enough.! For this reason we worked hard to keep the price lower than €400.00 so that as many teachers as possible can afford to join us.

  • 8-week Blended Course – €395.00 Per Teacher
  • 6-week Online-Only Course – €345.00 Per Teacher

How do I Join The Course?

Just go to our Sign Up Now! page, complete the details, and we’ll get right back to you letting you know when the course is starting, how to make your payment and all the other details you’ll need.



* = our three-hour face-to-face seminar will take place at a school in Trento, Italy.  Whole, or half-day Face-to-Face Seminars available in other location by request. Minimum numbers apply.