Along with my colleague and friend Nelba Quintana from Argentina, Nik Peachey from Morocco  among many others (well 97 to be precise 😀 ) I’m really pleased to have been nominated as one of the top 100 languague teaching technology blogs for 2009. The “competition”  is being run by the folks over at the blog

If you’ve found any of the posts here on Digitalang useful, you’re more than welcome to mosey on over to the link below to leave a vote for me.

Look down the list for the name of my blog: Digitalang (the names of blogs appear in alphabetical order)

Before the name there is a radio button -> click on the button and a black dot will appear. Next, browse down and you can leave (or not) a comment about this blog.

Finally, click on “VOTE” and a new window will appear saying that you have voted successfully-
If you do vote, thank you very much!! If you don’r thanks anyhow for being here and reading this 🙂