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Digitalang Training Session - ABP Bolzano

Getting the Most out of Microsoft Word

Digitalang Training Session - ABP Bolzano

One of North Italy’s top-quality language schools, Alpha Beta Piccadilly,  has asked us to do a series of ICT teacher training seminars over the next 2 years. The idea of the seminars is to help them continue to improve their high pedagogical standards by giving their teachers an in-depth knowledge of a variety of ICT tools.

One of our first seminars for A.B.P. was on the more advanced uses of Microsoft Word. Most teachers will have used Word at some point in their teaching careers, but many wouldn’t know how to use macros to make student worksheets quickly and easily, or don’t know how to use templates to help make student-handouts look smart and presentable. Together we looked at these and other handy features that help make teachers’ jobs more easy.

Teachers “Can Do” it!

We use four lists of “Can Do” statements ranging from Elementary to Advanced for this seminar. These lists help teachers to realise what they already know how to do with Word and help them to build on this knowledge until they are “expert” users.

Are you an expert Word user?

If you would like a copy of these lists to check out your how good your knowledge of Word is, click the link below. Can you tick all the boxes? 🙂


Good to be back.

It’s been a while I last posted , once again the relative silence here on the blog pages has hidden a mad rush of work that has kept me busy for most of the summer. We’ve kicked off the 2008 – 2009 academic with some great new collaborations with state schools and private language schools.

Some of the projects we are working on this year include:

  • Working with teachers in a local “Liceo” state school on a great project helping teachers to plan lessons using Interactive White Boards (IWBs). We then co-teach the classes together with subjects like History, Science, Social sciences and Philosophy being taught in English as well as using new technologies that fully involve the students in the lesson .
  • A series of 20+ seminars in an EAQUALS member language school training their teachers to integrate ICT and new media into their every-day teaching. This new project is set to go on for at least 2 academic years.
  • Working with a large, international publisher on a fantastic new consumer-based multimedia English course due to be released late 2009.
  • Training the teachers at a local graphic arts and printing school how to use the IWB in their lessons.  We are teaching the using innovative CLIL methodologies which will help the teachers learn to use the IWB thorugh an authentic learning experience.

All this of course is in addition to our ongoing collaboration with the excellent, EAQUALS accredited school of modern languages, CLM Bell in Trento. So, as you can guess, we are pretty busy. Needless to say we will be continuing to update this blog throughout the year. We’ll be sharing any lesson plans, ideas, handouts or seminar slideshows that might be helpful to teachers

Oh yes, and of course I am due to have my first child in just less than a month which, as you might imagine, means the preparations take up really quite a lot of time!

All the best,


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