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Excellent Free Online Courses – EVO Online 2008

The TESOL association’s special CALL group have just announced the timetable and sign up period for their Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2008 courses.

The EVO courses are a series of free online courses for language teachers. Many of the courses are based on recent developments in ICT based teaching. The EVO courses are taught by an international team of teachers and teacher trainers, many of whom are active members of the Webheads Yahoo group. In fact the Webheads themselves grew out of a past EVO project in 2002!

There are 13 different free courses which look really interesting this year. They cover a variety of ICT & language teaching topics from “Advanced Tips & Tricks for Successful Online Teaching and Learning” to “Teaching With Powerpoint.” There are also courses on non ICT based subjects too like “Music in the Classroom” or “Getting Started with Drama in the Classroom.” All in all it looks like a great learning opportunity, certainly one not to be missed! You can read about it and find out registration details from the EVO Online 2008 Wiki.

The sign up period is from the 1st to 14th January 2008, so there is still plenty of time to have a think about what you want to study. I fancy the look of the Advanced Tips and Tricks course, EVO Video 2008, Social Media in ELT courses… and many of the others! The organisers suggest not signing up for more than two courses, so I guess I’m going to have to narrow my choices down.

Anyhow, I look forward to bumping in to everyone in the online sessions, this is going to be fun!

ESL Carnival

I’m really pleased to say that Larry Ferlazzo has decided to include Seth’s Stuff on the recent “ESL Carnival” he is hosting on his blog. This is the second carnival Larry is hosting and features other great blogs like Tefl Logue and EFL Classroom 2.0.

A blog carnival is basically a way of blog readers and writers being able to gather together in one place. The idea is that good quality posts or recommended reading can be singled out from the many other blogs on the internet. Essentially a blog carnival should make life easier for blog readers by exposing us to blogs we’ll be interested in, while saving us the time it takes to sift through millions of other blogs.

I really recommend having a look through Larry’s current ESL Carnival which you can find here: and if you know of any other great EFL / ESL blogs out there, let Larry know. he’ll be hosting another ESL Carnival in February 2008.

Thanks again for including this blog Larry!

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